My interest in Photography was kindled by my Father, a keen amateur, who, in my and many others' opinions, could have been a professional. In time I intend to add a gallery of his finer images.
He taught me to appreciate the quality of light, details in the landscape and in everyday subjects. My photography is an extension of that appreciation.
Aside from his influence, I am purely self-taught and have only read a handful of text books on photography as such. I follow my instincts.

Photography was only a hobby until about 14 years ago when I started to take it more seriously. I crossed the bridge from film to digital in 2002. The early days were interesting and it is incredible how far the new technology has progressed in such a short time. Indeed, photography is enjoying a renaissance.

Digital has taken the wait and uncertainty out of photography giving immediate results, perfect for an all too impatient world! This, of course, means one can acquire the desired result with immediate effect or by post-production manipulation.

I attempt to steer away from the latter and try to capture the image right first time and for it to be an authentic representation of what I witnessed. I do dabble with post-production but only to extend the boundaries and distort reality for my own amusement rather than correct poor workmanship.